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When your baby has died it can seem as if no-one else in the world knows or understands what you are going through or how you feel inside. Many parents who have lost babies know that although people who are close to them can sympathise, it is only those who have experienced the death of a baby who can offer real understanding and empathy for what you are going through.

The Willows Support Group is made up of a group of people in the Reading area, who have all lost babies at various stages, before, during or shortly after birth. Our group has evolved because we were all looking for somewhere to go to get support following the devastating loss of our precious babies, but not really finding or knowing where to turn.

Each of us have very different experiences to share and have felt comforted in talking to, and supporting each other through this life shattering experience. Some of us have suffered loss through miscarriage, termination for medical reasons, stillbirth and some through neo-natal death. Some of us have since gone on to have another baby or are in the process of pregnancy or trying again, and have also found the support of the group extremely valuable through this too. We each have a unique story to tell.

willows-support-group-flowersWith The Willows Support Group you can openly talk about things that you perhaps feel that you can’t talk to others about. We are here to support in whatever way you feel you need it, be it by email communication, or at one of our meetings. Our meetings are very informal and you can participate in conversation as much or as little as you feel comfortable. If you want to come along and say nothing, but to just sit amongst friends who share what you have been through, or just cry on someone’s shoulder, then that is totally fine too. We are all here for you.

If you are looking for support and someone to talk to who really understands how you are feeling, please email us at:
The Willow Room is covered 7 days per week by one of us in the group. We each have set days for checking and responding to emails so your email will be replied to as soon as possible by whoever is committed to covering that day. We do have a system in place to ensure that should you wish to maintain communications with the same person that your emails are forwarded to them.

willows-support-group-butterfliesIf you feel up to it and would like to join us on a more personal level at one of our meetings, we meet on the first Thursday of every month. Just come along or email us to let us know you are coming and if you’d like, one of us will wait for you outside to introduce you to the rest of the group.


Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Beansheaf Community Centre, Calcot.

If you would like to join us, click here to get in touch.


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