Caversham Crematorium Baby Memorial

Posted in: News on May 20, 2016.

The Willows Support Group was asked by Berkshire Sands to help create a baby memorial garden at Caversham Crematorium on All Hallows Road, Caversham, Reading.

Berkshire Sands received a donation for the project and asked The Willows Support Group to help with implementing and creating a new baby memorial garden. The baby memorial garden area is in the corner of the baby burial ground on the far left hand side of the entrance to the cemetery.

Taking into account everyone’s ideas and numerous visits to the cemetery to try understand the use of space. A plan was devised with the help of Brenda Ellis and her team from Reading Borough Council. They were able to provide us with the necessary information to ensure the garden was easy to maintain and had continual planting all year round.
The project is now underway and work started at the beginning of January.

The idea behind the memorial garden is to be a place where families can visit their babies and then sit on a bench or move around the area taking time to think and/or reflect.

A further 2 benches will be installed with concrete bases to ensure they are secure and clean. The original bench with trellis panel surround will be cleaned and painted. Honeysuckle and clematis will be planted on either side of the trellis surround to create a sensory and colourful section. New bulbs will be planted around the edge of the hedges to again ensure continual colour. A large planting bed will be created to enclose the area. This bed will contain Irises, Asters, Salvias and many more plants to ensure that height and colour is maintained.

Upon one of the main tree stumps there will be a plaque that will read ‘Baby memorial garden in partnership with The Willows Support Group, Berkshire Sands and Reading Borough Council.

We see this as an ongoing project as the cemetary future plans evolve over the years.

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